Friday, October 17, 2008

Concerning the Arts in Wisconsin

I just found an easy, FREE, way to support the arts in Wisconsin.
Click here to support the New Economy Funding Initiative. Just by signing up, even if you do not donate any money, you will help the Wisconsin Arts Board, who are actively:
  • Investing in regional economic development through the arts
  • Creating new and exciting partnerships and job opportunities based on creativity and innovation
  • Attracting and retaining innovative companies and entrepreneurs
  • Educating the 21st century workforce, through arts integration and involvement for all Wisconsin students
  • Strengthening Wisconsin's artistic and cultural infrastructure, for vibrant and livable communities in every corner of the state.
Make sure to visit the Arts Wisconsin website and have fun exploring all the links!

They also have a Business and Arts Handbook, which has some of the most informative content I have seen in a long time, aimed at convincing everyone of the importance of arts in the community!

Living in a different state? Click here for a list of state and regional arts agencies.

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