Thursday, December 11, 2008

We've Moved!!!

Hi there--I just fell in love with Wordpress!

Wordpress suits my needs much better than the Blogger platform, so I've imported this blog over there, and I believe it will be a much more enjoyable experience!

If you have this blog bookmarked as it will still work.
If not, please update your bookmarks and RSS feed. Thank you so much!

This blog will still be available for viewing, but I will not be updating it anymore.
Visit the new blog for new posts!

I am looking forward to bringing you a more delightful blog from now on!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh: Lawnmower

I am very excited to announce that Jennifer Marsh will be representing Alabama and Community-Based Medium for the 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums exhibition!

Jennifer is the founder of the International Fiber Collective, an organization that creates community-based, large-scale fiber projects. You may have heard of her Gas Station Wrapping project, which received a lot of press--including a feature in FiberArts Magazine.

Jennifer's current project is Interdependence. Participants will create a full-sized tree for display in April 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama. The concept is, "much like a live tree is interdependent on its leaves and roots for survival, societies are interdependent on the greater whole, family units, communities, and countries."

Participants from around the world are invited to create leaves to contribute to the creation of the tree. In total, up to 30,000 leaves may be used. For more information on how to participate, click here. This is open to all age groups and levels of artistic ability.

Jennifer's next, highly ambitious project after the tree is wrapping a NASA rocket! But she needs help raising the money to rent the expensive crane required to install the artwork. Click here to see how you can help and become involved. She needs your help!

We are also planning a solo show for Jennifer's sculpture in the future--stay tuned!