Thursday, August 28, 2008


Welcome to The Eclipse Gallery blog. Many of you know me from The Emergence Project and Visual Influence. I am very happy to be opening a bricks-and-mortar gallery in beautiful Algoma, Wisconsin (just south of Door County). We have just bought a building and are in the process of moving, then a lot of renovations! Our goal is to have the gallery open by Summer 2009.

I will be posting some pictures of what the building looks like now, just so that we can have those great before and after pictures, and so everyone can appreciate the amount of work we are going to be doing to this place! But I just love the idea of taking an old run-down building (it was built in 1909) and giving it a fab makeover, and new life. Especially since it will be the building's 100th birthday!

I have a temporary website up, which you can view here. If you are an artist that is interested in showing your work with us, click here. Coming soon:

I am also looking for a graphic designer for my logo. E-mail me if you know someone. Also to sign up for our quarterly newsletters, use the sign up form on the right.

Thanks, Sarah Elizabeth

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JafaBrit's Art said...

Very exciting and I look forward to seeing the gallery set up. All the best with it.
regards Corrine aka jafabrit