Friday, August 29, 2008

Aijung Kim

You may be curious as to what kind of artwork I am going to have in The Eclipse Gallery. The layout of the store is separated into two distinct storefronts with separate entrances, yet connected by an archway. In this way, I can have a dedicated space for both a high-end contemporary art gallery and a more casual design shop for less expensive, functional art objects (including textiles, jewelry, furniture, ceramics, papercraft, etc.) And guests can feel free to browse both areas and feel comfortable with this connection.

In the gallery, I will be showing both emerging and established contemporary artists. The emerging artists will be selected from The Emergence Project. I am also very interested in bringing a variety of established artists into my gallery, on local, regional, national, and international levels.

One such artist (established, national) is Aijung Kim. Her artwork is absolutely amazing, which you can view on her website. I especially like her artist books. But she also creates very interesting drawings, painting, sculpture, illustration, printmaking, and even comics. You can visit her online shop here. And her blog here.

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